Fashion is something which we deal with every day of our life. Fashion is a phrase for a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, cosmetics, or furniture. Fashion is quickly changing in modern society. With the spread of media, the growth of the fashion industry throughout the last few years has caused a boom in the fashion industry.  There is a trend in the youth to follow the fashion styles.  Fashion generally is promoted by the way celebrities dress. From the shoes you wore to the plastic eyelashes you adjusted into your eyelids, you might have done whatever was needed to be ‘in-crowd.’  Whether it’s hanging out with friends at the shopping mall, or by going into some party or other social event, following fashion is part of everybody’s identity.



Who dictates what we should and shouldn’t wear? These trends have to come from somewhere, so who are these trendsetters? In many cases, it begins with what we see in the media. From lady gaga to the Kardashian, we gain inspiration from those people that we are more than a little obsessed with. Then some models set foot on the catwalk during the fashion season, and like the suckers we are, we buy into these clothes.

Almost one in five 18-34-year-old admitted to buying new clothes several times a week – 15% of these will then return 75% of what they ordered. If our fast fashion habits continue at this pace, the average person could own 20,172 items of clothing over a lifetime.



Regardless of fashion, consider why so many people elect for Botox and chest implants.  Consider why many people elect for the latest dietary fads. It’s because society and the media have taught us what beauty is. You have to be slim. You have to wear this fashion to be accepted.  You have to look like the people that you see on television.  Body-shaming should not be a thing anymore, but it is.  We do not need to have plastic surgery to remain beautiful, however, we do.  We don’t need to wear luxury fashion to appear good, but we still do. It is the fear of being judged. We are concerned that society will reject us. We are insecure and sensitive, and also have low self-esteem.  Therefore, we continue to look the part to fit in. We take the criteria that society sets us.  And we hurt ourselves financially, physically, and emotionally, in the procedure.  Following fashion is not always a bad thing, so don’t feel stressed or insecure by our suggestions. However, wear it for the perfect reasons, not to make society accept you or because you feel insecure.



Some fashion trends look great. You might be obsessed with fashion, not because you want to fit in, not because you want to hide your insecurities, you get into the latest fashion because it pleases you. And if that’s true, that is fair. It is a healthy approach to consider; wearing the latest trends because you want to do so. Fashion can be fun, attractive, and desirable. If you wear it yourself, regardless of what people will say, that is right.


Fashion has no boundaries, rules, or limitations. It is the purest reflection of you through which the entire world sees your soul. There is no harm in following the trends of changing fashion.  Fashion is not awful until it is in limits. If fashion becomes an obsession, it becomes a cause of concern.  This obsession, no matter from where it comes, has to be reduced.  We don’t have to let it define us. Are you obsessed with fashion?  If so, then why?  Why are you so obsessed with fashion? Is it good for you?  Or you are doing this because of the fear of being judged by the people. Always remember, only you can be the judge of yourself. However, for better or for worse, don’t let fashion define your life. No obsession is good for you, so learn your limitations and follow a path that is good for you, regardless of what people think.